Apple Numbers for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

Download Free Apple Numbers for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

Numbers for Mac is a complete application for macOS computer system. It gives you all the necessary tools you need create business spreadsheets and share them with friends and teammates.

Beautiful templates and easy to use interface

To make it easier to create spreadsheets, the default templates that come with the application are available for use. Use the templates to give an attractive design to your invoices, checklists, personal savings, personal finances and so on.

The user-friendly interface lets you insert tables, images, charts and text boxes. Once created, you can place them anywhere on the free-form canvas. The clear and concise toolbar gives you instant access to sharing options, charts, tables, multimedia content, and shapes.

Press support

Apple numbers offers instant suggestions as soon as you start typing. The application offers more than 250 functions. You can locate and execute the required sample type with the built-in browser.

The conditional highlighting tool allows you to filter extended tables and configure cells automatically based on duration, number, date, and text. In addition, you get real-time results for your cell format, type results, and error checking.

Additionally, Numbers for macOS Offers Type of mathematics integration so you can enter equations effortlessly and add functions to the Quick Calculations function. This will give you faster results.

Support for Microsoft Excel and CSV spreadsheets

You can edit and import Excel spreadsheet files with the application. Your data can be organized into multiple tables on one sheet. Take advantage of border outline tools by applying them to different cells.

Default styles make it easier to enhance the appearance of shapes, images, tables, and text content. Use the media browser to insert videos, pictures and music into your spreadsheets.

ICloud sharing

Numbers allows you to keep iCloud turned on at all times. You can then access your spreadsheets from anyone apple PC or device, such as your iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone, and make changes that appear on all devices. If there are devices nearby, you can share the work with them via the AirDrop feature.

Built-in sharing function Application of numbers allows you to share spreadsheets via Facebook, Mail, Messaging and Twitter. AirPrint also lets you print wirelessly. If you want to save and export your spreadsheets, you can do so in Microsoft Excel, CSV and PDF file formats.

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