Apple Keynote for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

Download Free Apple Keynote for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

Apple Keynote makes it easy create amazing and memorable presentations! Easily create great presentations with the brand new Keynote, with powerful but easy to use tools and dazzling effects that will make you a very difficult task to watch.

Theme Chooser lets you browse through an impressive collection of 30 new and updated themes designed by Apple. Once you have selected the perfect canvas for your presentation, simply replace the text and placeholder graphics with your own words and images. Easy-to-use tools let you add tables, graphs, shapes, photos and videos on slides – and bring them to life with cinematic animations and transitions that look like they were created by your own special effects team. Experience your data with new interactive graphs of columns, bars, scatter and bubbles.

Use iCloud to update your presentations across all your devices. You can instantly share a presentation using just one link, giving others the latest version and the ability to edit it directly Keynote for iCloud beta from using your Mac or PC browser. With Basic note for macOS, you have all the tools you need to make an amazing presentation quickly and easily.

Features and best moments

Powerful creative tools
Imagine a dazzling presentation. Then do it with handy visual tools. Upload photos or videos. Add reflections and frames. Gather your data with interactive graphs. Combine them all with movie quality transitions. And preview all actions live, on your canvas. The application is designed to handle it. Spectacular.

Designed for simplicity
From the beginning, the application sets the stage for an exciting presentation. A clean, intuitive interface places all the tools you need in front and center. And it is designed to take advantage of the 64-bit performance of OS X Yosemite. So everything works smoothly – no matter how big or rich in graphics.

Impressive graphs
When it comes to explaining data, a graph is worth a thousand words. Choose from column, bar, pie, scatter, bubble charts and more. Use animation to add visual impact. And make your charts interactive to focus on important stages in the story. The result is huge, but the effort is not.

Speech everywhere
You do not work in one place on a single device. The same goes for the tool. The slideshows created on your Mac look exactly the same on your iPhone or iPad and vice versa. And it’s easy to move your work from one device to another. You can even access your web presentations, share them, and collaborate with others in real time.

Easy to share
The application facilitates the sharing of your show with a multitude of dozens. From the toolbar, you can send a copy of your file. Or share a link to your presentation with anyone you want. Therefore, no one should get tired of copying too much. You can even work on files stored with third-party services. And presentations can be sent through services like Gmail or Dropbox. It makes the connection with your team – and ultimately your audience – much smoother.

Microsoft PowerPoint friendly
Collaborate with someone using Microsoft PowerPoint? The tool makes it a great working relationship. You can save the documents as PowerPoint files. Alternatively, import and edit PowerPoint documents directly in the application. The most popular PowerPoint features are also supported. Now it is not a problem to work on the same project. Even if you use different applications.

Note: Requires Mac with Intel processor.

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