App Manager 5.47 for Android

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App Manager is an application for easy and painless control of all applications installed on your Android. And if you have root privileges on your smartphone, it’s even easier. For example, if you do not have root privileges, you will need two clicks to uninstall an application, but one click will suffice.

Users with rooted smartphones can also uninstall any of the default applications, many of which are usually bloatware. With just one click you can get rid of them – but be careful not to overdo it and uninstall applications that are necessary for the proper operation of your device.

Another great feature in the App Manager is that it lets you easily share apps, either by sending the Google Play link directly or by sending the APK.

App Manager is an Android application manager that stands out for its simplicity. If you are a user without root privileges, you should keep in mind that you will have fewer features. But this is something you are used to now.


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