ApowerMirror 1.7.27 for Android – Download

Download Free ApowerMirror 1.7.27 for Android – Download

ApowerMirror is a powerful application for sharing your smartphone screen on your computer and for managing it without any hassle. This application allows you to work with all the information on your Android on a larger screen on your desktop, with the ease of use of keyboard and mouse.

The first thing you need to do to connect your smartphone to your computer is to install ApowerMirror on both devices. Once you have installed the tool on both devices, you can pair them via WiFi. It is important that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network. You need to enter the same PIN on each device or scan the QR code to do so, and that’s it.

From the application, you can manage whatever you want. In the main menu, you will see the option to transfer files, photos, music, videos and documents or you can share your entire screen with your computer. With the first option, you can back up everything you have stored on your Android smartphone, while with the second, you can manage your smartphone from your desktop computer without any problems.

In addition to managing all the content on your Android smartphone in a more convenient way, ApowerMirror also lets you receive notifications on your PC so you can work comfortably without having to switch between devices.


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