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APK Setup is a free tool that lets you install Android applications that use formats that are not detected by the default package installer included with the operating system. It uses the standard XAPK package to support Google’s new APK distribution system, the so-called split APK.

This application works in two ways, so you can back up your installed applications and install private backups on your smartphone, regardless of the format of the package. The APK installer includes these features:

. Automatically search for all applications that are installed on your Android and make backups.

Ιστά Installs any APK or XAPK in your smartphone memory. You can forget its internal structure – search, install and go!

. Browse your smartphone folders using a built-in file browser

The way you install and download applications has evolved over time. A while ago, installing an app using an external APK involved simply clicking on it and letting the package installer included by default on your Android do all the work. This was the case until the arrival of other standards that added to the complexity of the process.

.OBB data (a file that contains additional media files within the application, such as video or audio) has been shown to exceed the maximum size allowed by Google to download an APK to its platform. This changes complicated things when manually installing applications, you have to install these additional files separately in specific folders on the device. Therefore, the most convenient solution was to import the APK and OBB data into the same file and install it from an external tool. Thus, the XAPK standard was born.

Later, Google began using a dynamic distribution system called the Android App Bundle. When a developer publishes an application on Google Play, it “disassembles” into several pieces called split-APK. Since then, many applications have consisted of a basic APK and many others containing information related to the application language, supported screen dimensions, and required CPU architecture. Therefore, when a user downloads this application, he installs only the “pieces” that are necessary for the application to work properly on his device, saving bandwidth and cost for both the user and the distribution platform itself.

The main goal of the APK installer is to allow you to continue to install Android applications manually without having to do extensive research on file formats and destination folders. When backing up, the application packs all these files (APK + split-APK + OBB if any) into a single XAPK file. Therefore, when you install private copies of your applications, you only need to find one file and install it without having to worry about formats and templates.


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