Apache OpenOffice 4.1.8 – Download for Mac for free

Download Free Apache OpenOffice 4.1.8 – Download for Mac for free

An office suite can be considered an essential tool on any computer. We all know great products like iWork or Microsoft Office, but did you know it exists completely free alternative in the last; It is said Apache OpenOffice and has nothing to envy of these two wonderful tools.

Six tools in the same package that will meet your needs

It consists of six independent tools in the same package that approach different aspects of the office. With these utilities, we will have everything we need to create documents that can range from text to a vector design and all the latest through a user-friendly design that will make it very easy to use.

The six tools of OpenOffice

  • Author: a word processor compatible with many formats, including those related to Word. It incorporates different dictionaries and allows the export of any document created in PDF.
  • Calculation: the OpenOffice spreadsheet compatible with Excel-created documents. Not only is it capable of creating custom charts, but it also includes collaboration tools.
  • I plan: the tool with which you can create technical and artistic images based on vector designs.
  • Base: there is also the management of simple databases, and with this tool we can organize and manage any type of data.
  • Impress: PowerPoint compatible, is an application for creating slide shows using all kinds of templates that can be edited. You can also save them in HTML or Flash format.
  • Mathematics: a tool for performing all kinds of mathematical calculations.

It comes to prove that freedom does not mean low quality. With the support of Apache, downloading it to our Mac is a serious and effective alternative to the most popular office suites.

What’s new in the latest version

  • The OpenOffice SDK now works with Java 8.
  • Error corrections.
  • Dictionaries updates.

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