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Animal Restaurant is a simple game where you create an animal restaurant from scratch. The graphics are quite nice and each of these special dinner dresses in a common aesthetic that is perfectly adapted to the atmosphere of your adorable restaurant. In addition, the engineers at Animal Restaurant are simple and consist exclusively in preparing different foods as requested by your other furry customers, including pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits and other cute meats.

At the beginning of the Animal Restaurant, you will not have much to cook. However, each level you pass adds a new set of tools to you, like everything from preparing ovens to lighting wood trucks with fire. Without a doubt, the handmade boilers in this game help when you need to cook fish, meat and other recipes.

At the bottom of your interface, there is a full menu that you can use to access each food category. Increase the level of each dish and get new items for your kitchen and living room. In addition, it is important to collect all the rewards that customers leave to add to your benefits box.

Animal Restaurant is a fun game where you tend to order each animal to earn extra profit. This way you will have the option to buy new furniture and raw materials to enhance your coffee and prepare better and better dishes that meet the gastronomic demands of each of your pet customers.


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