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Angry Birds Journey is a new installment of one of the most popular skill-based games in the Android universe. The birds are back and this time you have to complete a huge number of levels to recover the missing magic eggs. In addition, you will find towers made of new objects in which you will once again meet the (a) famous pigs.

At Angry Birds Journey you will find the well-known controls. If you have ever played any of the previous games from the epic, you will have no problem completing the first levels. You just have to touch and pull each bird back to the slingshot to let it go and watch it follow the marked path. The faster you download the pigs, the more points you will receive and the fewer birds you will use.

In the upper left corner of the screen, you will see information for each level. Here, you will be able to see how many birds you have left to shoot and the number of pigs you need to remove. Thanks to the coins you collect, you will be able to explore new places in this universe and you will be closer to the return of these lost magic eggs.

Angry Birds Journey is another title from this popular epic that will keep you glued to your phone screen for hours. Thanks to the dozens of levels and new towers for destruction, you will not be able to stop firing birds at structures to shoot down all the pigs in each level.


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