Anger of Stick 5 (Stickman) 1.1.40

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Stickman games have become a real hit on Android and iPhone. And here we can name Stickman 5, also known as Anger of Stick 5 (Stickman). It is an action-packed title with elements introduced from RPG games in which the most important thing is to hit all our enemies to try to kill them all.

A great beat’em up game from the Stickman series

The game, as usual in the genre Stickman, offers us great action: we have to face all our enemies all kinds of punches, kicks and composites that will turn us into a deadly stickman.

One of the most remarkable aspects is that we have to do it take care to save and rescue prisoners. In addition, we will encounter items such as coins, weapons and elixirs to heal our wounds that will help us overcome any kind of dangers we may encounter.

  • Wide range of scenarios: explore the streets and enter buildings full of dangers.
  • Find all kinds of weapons to kill your enemies: from machine guns to mecha robots that will make you almost invincible.
  • Recruit teammates and create groups of up to 4 stickmen.
  • Make the most of the flexible and realistic movements of your character.
  • Experience transformations like those of Hulk mode.
  • Zombie mode: turn your enemies into dead.

A wonderful arcade game full of action.

You can download and play the game for free, although, as usual, it also contains paid items that can be purchased through in-app purchases. You also get the chance to download a mod APK to use cheats and other aids, but honestly, it ‘s more fun without them.

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