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Amazon Shopping is the second official Amazon app that lets you search for items, compare prices, read reviews and place orders in the online shopping giant, directly from your Android device.

The Amazon Shopping interface is perfectly designed for touch screens, so you can find any item in Amazon’s extensive catalog in seconds. You can search for anything by name: from a video game for a specific console to a specific blender model to a hardcover version of a 50-year-old book.

Amazon also has a drop-down menu with categories: computers, books, movies, home and garden, etc. You can access any of them with a single tap of the screen.

Amazon Shopping features let you do the same thing you can do on the Amazon site: buy items, add things to your wishlist, and read reviews from other users.

Amazon Shopping is a very good official application that does justice to the Amazon store. Buying movies, books, video games or electronics has never been easier, faster and possibly cheaper.


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