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Amazon Music is the official customer for the music streaming service from Amazon for Mac. With this, you can listen to hundreds of thousands of songs, as long as you have a Prime account. If you also pay for an unlimited subscription, you can access over 70 million songs, including tons of new releases.

To use Amazon Music, you need to sign in with your Amazon account. After that, you can start listening to all the music you want directly on your Mac desktop. You can listen to individual songs, play entire albums, or enjoy radio stations and custom playlists if you wish. You can also download any song to your hard drive to listen to later without an Internet connection.

The installation options in Amazon Music give you some very interesting options. First, you can select the quality you want to listen to and download music. by default, this is set to maximum, but you can reduce it if you have a poor internet connection. Second, you can use the normalization function that will make all the songs play at the same volume level. This will prevent some songs from being listened to by others, so you do not have to waste time and effort going up and down manually.

Amazon Music is a must-have app for anyone already using this service, as Spotify is for all users who pay a monthly fee. This desktop client for Mac also has a simple and sleek interface and best of all, it does not use too much CPU.


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