Always On Edge 5.6.4 for Android

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Always On Edge is an Android customization tool that lets users turn on LEDs at the edges of their screen to provide notifications – or simply decorate their screen when it ‘s off.

How Always On Edge works is simple: from the app settings menu, you specify the type of lighting you want to set for the side of the screen: if you want the light to be steady, if you want it to move around on the screen, if you want it to blink … Likewise, you can turn on and off the lamp that usually lights up by default with notifications or make it glow differently. You can also adjust it so that only the screen area around the camera lights up.

Finally, you can also turn on the lights for a specific color you are looking for to create gradients with up to three colors. These colors light up the outside of your screen. In short, you can configure your drivers to do anything. On the other hand, you also synchronize the screen brightness animation to a specific type of alert so that it glows one way or another, depending on whether you have a telegram, a Twitter message, or a missed call.

Always On Edge is an interesting customization tool that will drain your battery very quickly. But maybe it’s worth it if you want to add some flash to your Android.


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