Alarmy 4.53.07 for Android – Download

Download Free Alarmy 4.53.07 for Android – Download

It is not easy to wake up early. Many people turn off the alarm in their sleep and end up sleeping too much, and others hit the snooze again and again throughout the morning. If you are one of these people and tend to arrive late when you need to wake up early, Alarmy is the alarm clock you are looking for.

This app will turn on the alarm clock you have scheduled and will not turn it off until you get out of bed and take a picture of something in your previously selected home. The alarm will force you to get out of bed and run around your house to turn it off.

The trick is to choose something in your home that is not in your bedroom, to avoid the temptation to take the photo from your bed and sleep in the back.

If, for example, you save a photo of your bathroom stove or sink, you need to get up and take a photo of them to stop the alarm. Then you will be ready to have breakfast or wash your face so that you do not go back to bed.

You need to remember that Alarmy will recognize the photos, so you need to be sure to choose an object or place in the house where the light is not constantly changing. The roof or floor will not work.

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