AIRLINE COMMANDER 1.5.0 for Android

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AIRLINE COMMANDER is a simulation video game where you run your own airline. Do your best to make your airline the best airline out there by establishing routes between the most important airports.

Creating routes between airports is easy, but you will also need different permits if you want to fly the plane perfectly. Get access to more planes and routes as you earn new flying licenses by taking exams, perfecting airplane control especially during takeoffs and landings.

Flying an airplane with an AIRLINE COMMANDER is quite realistic: you have to manage a lot of on-screen data to make the flight as smooth as possible. To steer the plane, all you have to do is tilt your smartphone. Stay alert, however, because flight conditions are often unpredictable and can be more difficult than you expect.

AIRLINE COMMANDER is a fantastic flight simulator for smartphone and tablet. It’s a great video game that combines strategy with skill as you choose your routes and try to make your airline profitable.


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