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Download Free AirDroid: Remote Access & File APK Download from SAND STUDIO

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AirDroid is the best mobile management suite, allowing you to transfer files across different platforms, mirrors and mobile remote controls, receive and reply to messages on your computer. AirDroid can help you fully control and manage your device directly from your PC or even the web wirelessly.

Main characteristics:
1. File transfer
– AirDroid supports the transfer of all types of files on different platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices, on the same network and even remotely.
– Send music, video, photo, gif, APK, link and all kinds of files you want to transfer.
2. Screen mirror
You can mirror your Android devices to a computer wirelessly so you can share your screen with your students or co-workers. You can also stream your broadcast with AirDroid, to share your games or photos to your audience more effectively.
3. Android device remote control
You can gain full control of your Android devices without rooting your devices, you just need to connect to the AirDroid client for quick setup. You can do whatever you want to do on your Android devices remotely, e.g. to play games, open an application, check the status of the phone.
If you need to remotely control an Android device from another Android device, you need to download AirMirror for a control device.
4. Remote camera
The function can help you see through the lens of the front and rear cameras, to monitor the environment around the device in real time.
5. Manage SMS and contacts
– Receive, reply and send SMS messages via AirDroid.
– Manage messages and contacts stored on your phone.
6. Notification mirror
Mirror phone alerts from any permitted applications on your computer. Reply to mobile messages (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line and Kik) from clients.
7. Make calls to a computer
You can enter bulk phone numbers directly into your AirDroid desktop client, click to call and talk to your customers or friends via your phone or Bluetooth headset. AirDroid helps you avoid the problem of manually entering phone numbers on cell phones and possible errors and improves your efficiency.
8. Backup and sync
You can back up photos and videos automatically from phone to computer.
9. Find a phone
When your device is lost, you can track your device, issue a lock request, or delete your device after activating Phone Finder, in case strangers have access to your personal data.
* AirDroid will use the location in the background to display the location of your devices in real time when using the Phone Finder feature on
10. Manage your files at
Manage photos, ringtones and videos, download, install and uninstall APK remotely

Frequent questions:
Q: How to start using AirDroid?
A: AirDroid Personal has many fantastic features like File Transfer, Remote Control, Screen Mirror, Remote Camera, SMS and File Manager. To enjoy all the features, you need to install the AirDroid desktop client or use directly.

Q: Do I need to register an account to use AirDroid?
A: With a personal AirDroid account, you can enjoy all the features in the local and remote connection. If you do not want to register, you can use AirDroid with the same wifi with limited features.

Q: Is AirDroid free to use?
A: You can use AirDroid for free on your local network. When running on a non-local network, the free account has a data limit of 200MB / month and cannot use the remote camera. We recommend that you upgrade to premium to enjoy unlimited remote data and unlock all features and services.

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