AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor 4.15.1 APK Download from PIXOCIAL TECHNOLOGY (SINGAPORE) PTE. Ltd.

Download Free AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor 4.15.1 APK Download from PIXOCIAL TECHNOLOGY (SINGAPORE) PTE. Ltd.

Who said we can’t have perfection in our photos? We believe that all users should have the best editing and filtering technology in their hands and AirBrush is constantly updated with new features and effects to stay up to date with editing standards. AirBrush is designed to be the best photo editor with user-friendly retouching tools, cool filter options and of course, beautiful results!


Removal of blemishes and pimples
** Say goodbye to pimples and blemishes! With our stain remover, you can eliminate pimples and unwanted spots with the click of a finger. Add a blush to add shine and charm.

Whiten teeth and brighten eyes
** Whitening your teeth takes your smile to the next level! The teeth whitening function allows you to brighten your smile without excessive whitening.
** Our “illuminates” function improves your eyes to instantly illuminate your features.

Perfect skin in every photo
** Retouch, process and tan your skin to achieve perfect, radiant perfection with just a few strokes! Your skin will look naturally glowing in all your selfies and photos! For an added bonus, apply a cool blush or blush to give your cheeks an extra glow.

Lose weight, reshape and lengthen your selfie or photo
** Immediately thin, lengthen or reshape any area of ​​your photo with a few taps of your finger.

Features of artistic retouching
** In addition to HD editing capabilities, the AirBrush Editor also includes tools that allow you to blur, crop, stretch, thin, and tune your photos for an artistic, beautiful, and dramatic touch. Choose to retouch your photos automatically or edit them manually.

Add depth and style to your photos
** The “Blur” editing tool allows you to retouch any photos to give them more depth and keep only the things that matter focused. Your photos and photos will incorporate the perfect perfection shown in professional photography.

Real-time processing technology
** Edit your selfie before taking the photo with real-time editing tools. View your download on your phone, select your edits and filters, and then take the photo for perfect photos every time!

Natural radiation filters
** AirBrush beauty filters are professionally designed to enhance even the best photos and selfies for a perfect, beautiful finishing touch. Some filters can add natural makeup to your photos, such as blush or mascara!

Are you ready to share?
** This is the editing tool that really prepares your image for sharing. When you’re done editing, share your photos on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat directly from AirBrush!

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