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Air Attack (Ad) is a skill game with a game very similar to Worms. Here, you have to fight against all kinds of planes with only one cannon, while using buildings as shields. Sharpen your target and eliminate all your enemies before they destroy you.

Although very similar to Worms, this game is actually much simpler. Air Attack (Ad) has only two different scenarios and a single weapon with no ammunition limits, so you are free to shoot as many missiles as you want. You do not even need to aim before shooting, just tap the screen where you want to shoot and do it at the right time.

Planes flying overhead shoot in your direction, so you need to make sure you are far enough away when the bombs explode. Buildings lose part of their structure as they are hit by rockets, making it harder and harder to find shelter. To get to the next level, all you have to do is shoot down all the levels in the sky. You can proceed to different levels if you manage to avoid attacks and complete the mission in each level.

The fall of some helicopters gives you the power you can muster to shoot more powerful missiles, avoid serious damage and other things that can help you get further on this adventure. Eliminate all kinds of dangerous enemies and become the best in Air Attack (Ad).


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