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AI-Super Chinese is a useful application that gives you the opportunity to learn one of the most popular languages ​​in the world: Chinese. If you are looking for a simple, convenient and progressive way to learn this language, then look no further. This app will help you improve every aspect of your language skills, including listening comprehension, vocabulary and grammar rules.

AI-Super Chinese is divided into several categories that you can choose from depending on how you want to learn. In most cases, the activities are usually accompanied by images or videos that make it easy to link items to their names.

The tasks in AI-Super Chinese are designed to make learning the language as easy as possible. Each lesson is fully adapted to your preferences thanks to the Artificial Intelligence technology. In fact, you will be able to gradually improve your language level with a variety of voice recognition exercises (where you pronounce the given word), as well as suggest the correct way to spell the image that appears, along with tons of other exercises. .

AI-Super Chinese is an application that, thanks to its customized learning system, adapts to your personal needs at any time in more than 400 Chinese language courses. It is an incredibly practical and useful application that can help you gradually learn this complex language with almost no effort.


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