Aggretsuko 1.14.4 for Android – Download

Download Free Aggretsuko 1.14.4 for Android – Download

Retsuko has been working for the same company for five years and every day is the same. Now, it’s time to change it to Aggretsuko, a game where you help this adorable red panda turn his boring company into a place where everyone wants to work.

In this puzzle game, your mission is to earn enough stars to redecorate the rooms and build new floors in a building where no one is doing their job. The game is quite simple: just combine three or more identical pieces to achieve specific goals.

At Aggretsuko, there are all kinds of challenges, from taking office photos to collecting important documents scattered around the screen. Each level has a new set of goals that you must achieve in order to move forward.

Ton, the manager, instructed you to decorate each floor of the building, confident that you would make important design decisions and add a personal touch. Some areas and actions require only one star, but others require more, so try to collect as many stars as you can. Enjoy hundreds of levels with your co-workers as you transform this company from scratch.


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