Affinity Photo for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

Download Free Affinity Photo for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

Five years in the making, Relevance photo for Mac redefines the limits for the professional photo editing software. With a meticulous focus on the workflow, it offers sophisticated tools for enhancing, editing and retouching your images in an incredibly intuitive interface, with all the power and performance you need. Relevance photo for macOS – the fastest, smoother, more accurate professional image editing software, Mac only! Download now!

Features and best moments

Designed for professionals
Built on solid foundations with principles of performance, stability and lack of inflation, Affinity Photo is a professional photography tool at its core.

Full RAW processing
Expand camera RAW files in a dedicated built-in workspace with all the editing customizations and corrections you need.

Work in any color space
RGB, CMYK, LAB, Greyscale. CMYK workflow from end to end with ICC color management and 16 bit processing per channel.

Unsurpassed file compatibility
We have the best PSD support out there, as well as all the standards you would expect, including PNG, JPG, TIFF, EPS, PDF and SVG.

He is always alive
Move and zoom in to 60fps with live previews, live tools and real-time editing. Even when working on huge images with 1000 layers.

Exclusive RAW processing area
Compatible with all major camera file formats, Persona Develop offers a dedicated editing workspace that offers incredibly accurate editing in a limited linear color space.

Full digital darkroom
Affinity Photo includes all the tools you need from a professional photography application. Each tool is painstakingly designed for speed, power and accuracy – and they work exactly the way you want them.

Fast, customizable effects
Affinity Photo has a huge range of state-of-the-art filters, such as lighting, blur, distortion, tilt shift, shadows, flashes and more. Full control is provided in every aspect of the properties of a filter with incredibly accurate controls – while at the same time we see a live preview of the result in real time. Best of all, filters can be applied as live levels, allowing you to edit, delete or cover effects after applying them.

Advanced levels of customization
Correct and enhance images with levels, curves, black and white, white balance, HSL, shadows and highlights, and over a dozen other settings that are instantly previewed and modified at any time. Adjust, rearrange and drag and drop on any level, group, mask or anywhere on a stack to control how they fit.

Live mix functions
Remove trial and error from your workflow – view changes to blending features live as you edit without having to click the application at a time. Layer 30 of the tool combines preview smoothly in real time as you scroll through them.

Sophisticated selection enhancement
Accurate choices are crucial, whether cutting objects, creating masks, or selectively making adjustments. The enhancement selection algorithm is one of the most advanced available, making the choices – even on individual strands of hair – easier than ever.

Precise photo seam
The sewing algorithm of the application is one of the most advanced available. In addition to precise automatic alignment and perspective corrections, you have complete control over every image and border in the composite to perfect perfection.

Extended retouching tools
Whether you want to make quick fixes or spend an hour in a detailed retouch, AffinityPhoto has all the tools you need. This includes natural tools to prevent burns, clones, patches, blemishes and red eyes. But you will also find an incredibly expensive paintbrush, frequency separation and a full set of built-in liquefaction options.

Note: 10 day trial version. Requires a 64-bit processor.

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