Advanced Tools 2.2.3 for Android

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Advanced Tools is a set of tools for Android that provide you with everything you need to manage your device. And if you have a rooted device, you can access even more features and information.

Swiping from right to left opens the options menu where you will find all the available features: file and task managers, system information and more. Sliding from left to right opens the help menu, where you can check the information related to the tab that was open at that time.

In the Advanced Tools settings, you can enable and disable advanced features for root devices. You can also change the look of the application (there are three different themes) and the way ads are displayed (there are two functions).

The list of things you can do with Advanced Tools is really long and varied: creating folders, deleting files, compressing documents in ZIP format, uninstalling applications, backing up APK files, stopping applications from launching at startup and sending files via FTP or Bluetooth You can also receive information about parts of your device, such as the monitor, processor, memory, etc.

Advanced Tools is a great application for managing Android files and applications and to learn every detail about your device.


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