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The PDF format was originally developed by Adobe Systems to bring document portability between different systems. In other words, it allowed us to read a document without making any changes, regardless of whether we did it on Windows, Mac or Linux and now on Android or iOS.

Portable Document Format is the only solution for document portability.

The first edition was born in 1993 and became an open standard in 2008 with an ISO standard specifying the requirements to be considered as such. There are many possibilities to open and read this format consisting of vector images, bitmaps and text, but none of them is better than Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, a program that since its release has received regular updates, such as version 11 or this 2018, the latest version to date.

What is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC; The best PDF reader

There is no doubt about it: it is the best reader for this file format that is able to combine the same file text, images, hypertext and multimedia content. For this purpose, it is accompanied by the following features:

  • Opening documents in PDF format and view their contents.
  • Edit, convert and combine PDFs thanks to the PRO version.
  • Several ways of reading.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to operate the application.
  • Clear and simple interface to simplify reading and working with documents.
  • System to look for words or sentences in the document.
  • Text-to-speech function suitable for people with reading difficulties.
  • Option for sending forms.
  • CREATION OF sticky notes.
  • Printing documents.
  • Underlined text.

Increase the security of your information

Adobe Reader incorporates features that make it a tool ideal for working in environments or situations that require extra security. And the fact is that its protected function, among other things, helps us to be less exposed to the theft of personal data and information when we open and fill out forms.

PDF format standardization has made this tool necessary.

We must point out that One of the possibilities that has made PDF a template is the nature of multiple formats. This format can be created, opened and modified on almost any device and operating system, therefore, the volume of files encoded according to its parameters is absolutely huge, and therefore their handling capabilities are also very high. For this reason, if you do not want to access basic document support, you can not miss the opportunity to download Adobe Reader, the official PDF reader created by Adobe Systems.

For this purpose, no one should be surprised that we can use the program in both Windows 10 and macOS or Android in APK format, as well as on iPhone or Linux.

Greater security with Protected operation

At present, the protection of privacy and information has become essential and key aspects. Thanks to Protected operation you can work on documents and fill out forms that expose your data much less than before.

Updates to the latest version:

  • This update comes with new features, security fixes, feature enhancements, and some bug fixes.

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