Acorns – Invest Spare Change 3.26.0 APK Download from Acorns

Download Free Acorns – Invest Spare Change 3.26.0 APK Download from Acorns

Start in a few minutes and give your money a chance to grow in the background of life.

“Investments are now made for everyone.” – Forbes (1)

+ INVESTMENT FOR YOUR FUTURE – Invest in spare change with automatic ound measurements & set them & forget them with recurring investments. Your money is automatically invested in one of the various ETF portfolios created by experts.

+ RETIREMENT INVESTMENT – Save money on retirement with the easy IRA options, with SEP, Traditional and Roth plans. In less than 2 minutes, we will suggest the right design for you.

+ INVESTMENT FOR YOUR CHILDREN – Get Acorns, our UTMA / UGMA investment account for kids, early. Many children are included. Customized rewards for families. Automatically invest in a diversified ETF portfolio created by experts.

+ BANK SMARTER – The only heavy metal checking account & debit card that invests when you spend and automatically invests a portion of each payroll.

+ EARNING EXCHANGES – Buy 12,000+ brands investing in you, look for Millions of jobs in our Job Finder and earn exciting referral bonuses. The more you earn, the more you can save and invest!

+ GROW YOUR KNOWLEDGE – Custom financial education content, with Acorns + CNBC support, right in your application.


MISSION: With kindness and courage, we take care of the financial interests of the rising and the coming, starting from the empowering, proud step of small investments.

INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: The time-tested power of composition, differentiation and adherence to it gives your money the opportunity to grow in the long run.

Behind the best: Investors like Blackrock, CNBC, PayPal, Dwayne Johnson, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Harvey and Ashton Kutcher.

SECURITY: Security and data encryption at the bank level.

WITHOUT Hidden fees

ACORNS LITE: 1 $ / month
Invest in backups, earn rewards, and get financial training.

* Most popular *
PERSONAL ACORNS: $ 3 / month
All-in-one investments, retirement and control-plus much more.

ACORNS FAMILY: $ 5 / month
Save and invest for the whole family, invest for children, earn extra rewards, receive family financial education, plus retirement, control and personal savings and investments.

From acorns, oaks grow. Download Acorns now and grow your oak!



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