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Accuweather is an application that helps you to know the weather forecast of your area in a few seconds. You can see the temperature, the humidity, the visibility, the wind, the time of sunrise and sunset …

All you have to do to get all this information is enter your location manually on the device or just let it recognize your location using GPS.

The best thing about Accuweather is that when you slide your finger across the screen, you will see the exact temperature and wind that will be at different times of the day. This way you can avoid something as ordinary as leaving the house wearing a t-shirt to realize later that it is cold and raining.

Of course, you can also view the forecast for the next few days on another tab and even consult Google Maps. You can also watch daily weather forecast videos for all of Europe.

Accuweather is the most comprehensive weather forecast app you can find for Android devices. It not only offers what you need, but also does it from a very clear and comfortable interface.


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