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Download Free A + Gallery – Photos & Videos APK Download by AtomicAdd Team

Beloved by 9 million users, A + Gallery is literally the best photo app in the world for your Android phone. You do not need to exchange, because A + Gallery is BETTER than any other application in EVERY aspect.

Fast, fast and fast
A + Gallery is the fastest application for viewing HD photos, photo search and album management.

A beautiful and simple user interface
Combining the beautiful appearance of the hardware design and the simplicity of the iPhone style design philosophy, we made the application a great pleasure to see and use. Enjoy the best part of both worlds in one app.
Customize your collection with a large collection of beautiful themes.

Automatically organize your photos
Your photos and videos are automatically organized from when and where you take them.
See your photos and videos from where you take them in map view.

Create and manage photo albums
Organize your photos and videos by creating albums, arranging your favorite albums, and hiding unnecessary albums.
Perfect support for multiple SD cards. Create albums on any of the external SD cards.

Browse photos or videos by date, location and even image color
Your photos can now be searched by when and where you take them, and by image color.
Searching for photos in the A + Gallery works offline and is fast.

Hide your private photos in a secure locker with a locked password
Protect your privacy. Move photos and videos you want to keep secret in the safe. Hidden photos and videos will not be visible in System Gallery and all other applications. Only you can see the photos by entering the password.

Get access to all your online photos from a Gallery
If you receive photos from Facebook / Dropbox / Amazon Cloud Drive, you can view and manage all of these photos from A + Gallery. Managing these photos is as easy as managing photos on your phone.

Sync and backup photos
Whether you want to back up photos to Dropbox or download a Facebook album to your phone, or whether you want a photo album and a Dropbox album to stay in sync, A + Gallery helps you set it up with a few clicks.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/a.plus.photo.gallery/
Twitter: twitter.com/a_photo_gallery

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