99 Driver: Extra Income 7.6.20 APK Download from 99 Tecnologia LTDA

Download Free 99 Driver: Extra Income 7.6.20 APK Download from 99 Tecnologia LTDA

With the new 99 Driver app, you can see the demand of the day and run more races to earn more. You have more security with the new lock of the change of address in dangerous areas after the start of the race, the collaborative mapping between 99 and the partner guides and cancel without affecting the performance. We want to hear more to do more!

Driver, 99 deals with what matters most: your health and safety. Everything to earn calmly and have extra income. The 99 offers a platform with many options for drivers to choose how they work. Activate the 99 application and earn money with more peace of mind.

Download now the new 99 application, which connects passengers and drivers, and you have the opportunity to work with professional autonomy, earn money, increase your income and direct your financial life.

To be a private application driver or 99 partner taxi driver, you do not need to have your own car to work! But if you prefer, use your private car or taxi to save money and earn extra income! Driving with 99 will bring you financial independence and other benefits safely.

The registration process to become a private driver and drive to 99 is simple and fast: you submit your documents through the app itself and start driving in zero time – either a private driver or a taxi.

In addition to earning money and extra income, the 99 Driver Partner can withdraw money and pay bills with the 99 Card. Simple, fast and safe! See what 99 has:

The 99 has a safety team that operates 24 hours a day, so that the driver can drive with an emergency service that provides immediate assistance and thus earn money calmly. Receive dangerous driving zone alerts, operate safely with the new lock on steering wheel for dangerous areas after the start of the race, connect with registered and canceled passengers without affecting the rate of return.

To ensure even greater safety for drivers and taxi drivers, the app shows the passenger’s destination before accepting the route. Thus, he only accepts matches that he considers really safe and operates with much more calm.

99 is a partner and offers the partner discounts on drivers in mobile services, gas stations, car washes, workshops and stores of equipment and accessories. You will save money, have extra income and spend less on your car or taxi.

99 is a partner and offers the 99 card, a great advantage for partner taxi drivers and drivers to receive faster racing payments and guaranteed extra income. And with that you can still use the money without having to go to the bank. We help you and make it easier for you to make money.

Our channels are open to the partner guide 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can also rely on the Help Center through the app itself, to provide a quick solution for you who want to drive safely, earn money and also have extra income.

Download 99 Driver now and earn more money safely!

Questions about 99? We can help you! Go to: 99app.com/help

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