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456: Survival is a simple game inspired by the Netflix Squid Game series, in which you participate in tons of rehearsals from the show. To do this, you play as one of the contestants competing to win the grand prize.

In 456: Survival game, you can dive into various challenges as seen in the Squid Game episodes. For example, in the first game, you have to cross the green line while the evil robot girl looks away. If your girl catches you, you will be expelled from the game by force.

On other levels, you need to cut candies with specific shapes inside. As in the first challenge, it is important to stay calm and focused, because if you make a mistake, the enemy in front of you will not hesitate to shoot you down.

456: Survival game has simple 3D graphics to help you easily grasp the details of each challenge. Swipe your finger on the screen of your smartphone to complete the challenges and get an inch closer to the final prize.


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