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360 Total Security Essential is a program designed to ensure the security of your PC and to protect your PC from viruses and other computer hazards by analyzing and searching for any malware or malware.

This antivirus program alerts you to any utilities that may be suspicious while activating the web protection system to report these insecure sites to stop pop-ups. Whenever 360 Total Security Essential detects an infected item, it will remove it immediately. This tool is responsible for running scans of your entire computer, choosing from complete reviews, quick analyzes, or inspections of specific units that you can manually select through the built-in explorer.

360 Total Security Essential also takes into account the protection we need to conduct online and secure banking and trading, so it includes an anti-phishing option so you can relax when making any transaction. He is also not happy with this, he also offers protection during sessions on social networks.

This software will know that there are no threats to the downloaded files and will notify you in advance if the file is safe to download, will protect your online shopping, your computer from pop-up viruses and malware, and will enable anti-malware technology. Keylogger and Webcam protection block, whatever you can request in the same program.


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