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Find your way through new cities and easily get to your name with the excellent 2GIS beta navigation application. You can even download maps and use them anywhere, whether you are walking in the city or flying.

Beta 2GIS has an almost overwhelming amount of data in selected cities and you can download maps of specific cities to have all this information available offline. Easily find hospitals, shopping malls, police stations, post offices, supermarkets, museums, pharmacies, car repair shops, bookstores and much more with this app! No matter what you are looking for, 2GIS beta can help you find it.

All the information in the app is completely up to date, so you will never get to the restaurant just to find out it is closed. If you are traveling by car, 2GIS beta can read the step-by-step instructions aloud and take into account traffic congestion, detours and other problems you may encounter on your trip. Alternatively, if you travel on foot, the 2GIS beta can calculate the shortest route to your destination or help you navigate easily and safely on local public transport, be it by train, metro or bus.

Another great feature of this app is that it is up-to-date information and accurate locations of over 2.5 million businesses, making it easy to plan business trips. If you are traveling or meeting someone in a business, 2GIS beta will take you to their offices without any problems.

On top of all these life-saving features, 2GIS beta includes one more feature that can get you out of a significant number of difficult situations: shopping mall interior maps. Easily find toilets, ATMs, grocery stores or any of the shops.

Download beta 2GIS and navigate to new cities like a local one.


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