2 Player Games 2.3 for Android

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2 Player Games is a collection of small games that have a lot of fun with a friend who uses the same smartphone or against AI. The wide variety of mini-games makes it easy to start racing anytime, anywhere.

The graphics in all the mini-games are quite simple, but all the titles have a common style. The controls on each of them are also quite basic and this means that you do not need any time to get acquainted with the various game players.

Among other mini-games, in 2 Player games you will find a fun pool game, a snake game, classic air hockey and a fun sumo wrestling game. In any case, all titles are designed to create rivalry between players and you can enjoy some very dynamic moments. Plus, you always have a button to go straight back to the main menu and discover another mini-game.

2 Player Games is one of those titles where you will always find a mini-game to have fun no matter where you are. Having this collection of fun arcade-style toys in your pocket makes it extremely simple to end any moment of boredom.


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