1DM: Faster Video, Torrent Downloader & Browser 13.0.2 APK Download by Vicky Bonick

Download Free 1DM: Faster Video, Torrent Downloader & Browser 13.0.2 APK Download by Vicky Bonick

1DM: A download manager [formerly IDM] is one of the best browsers with faster and more advanced download management (with Torrent & HD video support) available on Android

1DM displays only one banner ad without full screen or video ads

The best free browser and download manager (video, music, torrent) for Android
☆ Supports up to 16 parts to speed up downloads (video, music and all other files)
. You can pause and resume downloads
Tor Download Torrent files using a magnet connection, torrent URL, or torrent file on your device
. Download streaming music, videos, files from your favorite sites using 1DM [formerly IDM] Browser
. Automatic download of music, video, image from social media
M Download m3u video
M Download m3u8 video
MP Download MP-DASH video
☆ Automatically convert video to mp4 video after the download is complete
Λογή Smart download option for downloading files when copying download links
☆ 1DM [formerly IDM] The download manager has very low RAM usage compared to other download managers
1 Custom 1DM [formerly IDM] issues
HD Capture HD video with one click
Λή Large file download is supported
Βίντεο Download videos, music and pictures from your favorite sites
. Download multiple files at once
Βίντεο Video capture via Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks
Λή Support for download via video extension links
☆ Download video in the background
Βίντεο Capture video in a hidden folder

One degree Handling error
☆ 1DM [formerly IDM] Download Manager has the best way to refresh expired links using 1DM [formerly IDM] Browser (very useful for downloading videos)
☆ 1DM [formerly IDM] The download manager has a very smart error handler. Your downloads (videos, music, torrent) will not be corrupted

Your privacy matters, so browse the internet freely
☆ Blocks third party detectors
. Anonymous browsing mode for private browsing
☆ Clear your browsing history, cache and cookies with a few clicks

1DM [formerly IDM] Browser functions
. Browse the Internet without ads
☆ Better pop-up blocker (within 1DM [formerly IDM] Browser)
Βίντεο Search videos with the built-in browser
. Multiple tabs, history, bookmarks and other goodies

Batch Download & Grabber
Gra Website Grabber to download all static files (Video, Music) on a web page
Λή Bulk download to download patterned files (Music, Video)

Get additional administrator functions
Γλώσσα Multiple language and Multi theme
. Instantly download music, videos, torrents and other files to the SD card
Ψη Hide downloaded videos, music from everyone
☆ 1DM [formerly IDM] download manager uses file cataloging by file type (music, video, document, zip, image, torrent)
. Import download links from a text file or clipboard
☆ 1DM [formerly IDM] Download Manager supports all formats: archive files, MUSIC, VIDEO, documents, programs, etc.

Advantage of the Plus version
Ρίς No ads
. Developer to schedule your video and other downloads
. Supports up to 32 parts to speed up video downloads
☆ Upto 30 simultaneous downloads (videos, music, etc.)

How to use free 1DM [formerly IDM] Download video
. Browse the video site using the built-in browser
. The browser will automatically detect videos and tap the download icon
. Select which video you want to download and download the video

Keep in mind that MAKING MUSIC, VIDEO, etc. by YOUTUBE is NOT SUPPORTED due to their terms of service

Disclaimer: Downloading and viewing any copyright-protected files (music, videos and all other files) is prohibited and regulated by the laws of the country in which you live. We take no responsibility for misuse of our application

If you’re looking for a powerful free video download manager to download videos from sites, try this free 1DM [formerly IDM] video manager, scans almost all videos, is fast, does not corrupt your videos and even converts videos to mp4 video for you. So try this free video manager, you will not regret it!

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