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File loss is upset. We go through unfortunate situations every now and then. One such situation is accidentally deleting your important file. It can be a document, a picture or a video. No matter what type of file you just lost, for the best free data recovery software – EaseUS is nothing harder.

Remember that there is a difference between recovering files from the Recycle Bin and recovering data after permanent deletion. EaseUS software has the ability to even recover those files that were deleted when you clicked on empty basket.

Let’s tell you that there are many paid and data recovery software solutions available on the market. If you are a first timer, you may want a tool that provides its services for free, which is a pretty good deal. This is because you want to test your software skills before using them. How you can find out which one is the best software until you try it. That’s why you need to check them before putting your hard-earned money into them. You should also look for a tool that is easy to use, not easy to use.

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When you open the EaseUS Data Recovery software, all disks, including hard disks and external disks, appear on the screen. As a leading provider of a user-friendly experience, EaseUS scans hard drives and other storage devices incredibly fast and restores all data back through fast scanning.

After scanning, deleted files will appear in front of you. Users will be able to select a file that they accidentally lost. At this stage, the user can browse for the file name by entering the file name, or if you can’t remember the name, you can always search for files by their format.

Select the desired file, then press the restore button. When restoring files back, be sure to save the file to another partition. This will prevent you from replacing old information with new one. This software provides full control over which data should be retrieved and where it should be located.

Free EaseUS data recovery options are packaged in an advanced user interface that is relatively simple and quick. It ensures that you get all your recovered data immediately.

When the data recovery is complete, the software will notify you. Therefore, it is quite possible to load files back after emptying the Recycle Bin, but you need to consider these few factors.

  • Never install this software on the same drive from which you want to recover deleted files. Or the software deletes your deleted file.
  • Make sure all your discs remain intact and do not copy anything.

You can easily lose your important data, it’s easy to get it back with the free EaseUS data recovery software. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has the ability to provide amazing results. Good news for everyone, here it is 50% discount discount for you.

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